Laurie Odgers

Hi, I'm Laurie.

I'm an IT Consultant with over 20 years experience. I commenced my career in 2000.

I live by Albert Einstein's motto "Once you stop learning, you start dying".

I have many years of experience operating and maintaining an ASX200 listed company's customer facing infrastructure. I am immensely proud of the product and systems I have helped to create for this company and how little maintenance is now required, resulting in a very respectable "five nines" (99.999%) uptime.

In September of 2021 I made the move to become a full time IT Consultant, eventually incorporating Laurentum Consulting and assuming the roles of Managing Director and Principal Consultant.

Key Experience

My key experience includes (but is not limited to):

  • Working with clients through both the pre and post sales processes to achieve their desired outcome
  • SIP/RTP Protocols, Kamailio, RTPEngine, Freeswitch, Asterisk, VoIPMonitor
  • Kubernetes, Docker, BSD Jails
  • Systems and Network Architecture to achieve highly available and secure systems
  • Migrations and maintenance of cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), DigitalOcean
  • RESTful API design and implementation via microservices
  • Redis, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL databases, standalone and within Kubernetes
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Windows/Linux+Docker) high availability, migrations to/from the cloud
  • CI/CD pipeline implementation across various third party products
  • Systems monitoring through Datadog, Opsgenie, Pagerduty
  • Software Engineering through Python, NodeJS/Javascript, PHP, Bash, Perl, HTML
  • Autoscaling and self healing platforms in Cloud
  • Decades of daily Linux usage

Open Source Projects

Open source is at the core of my occupation, and I am proud to have been involved in the following open source projects:

Principal Consultant - Laurentum Consulting

September 2021 – Present

After working with my clients as a Freelance Consultant for many years, in mid 2021 I was presented with the unique opportunity to move into a full time self employed IT Consultant role. This career shift has proven to be an excellent outcome for both myself and my clients as I can now give undivided attention to their requirements.

I pride myself on delivering the best and most thorough outcomes possible through thorough discussion of the client's requirements, then applying my extensive knowledge of IT and Telecommunications to achieve the most desirable results.

Please contact us for a full list of key projects I have worked on.

Development Manager/Senior DevOps Engineer - Uniti Group

July 2017 – September 2021

I was promoted to the position of Development Manager in 2020 which allowed me the freedom to plan and execute the next phase of the UWL infrastructure. I pride myself on the impact I had in drastically improving the software, network and infrastructure availability, but more importantly the relationships forged while doing so.

My role at UWL involved combining DevOps processes with SRE practices in order to architect and develop rock solid telecommunications infrastructure. The unique position I held as a Telco DevOps Engineer meant I had to employ extensive testing and repeatable processes in order to minimise downtime as Telco presents some very unique challenges when compared with a standard software house.

In this role I was challenged with performing many migrations to and from various cloud providers with zero downtime, and I am immensely proud of the “five nines” (99.999%) uptime in which I had a crucial role in achieving.

Some key projects I was involved in during my time at UWL include:

  • Migration and consolidation from various cloud providers to on premises equipment
  • Migration of all systems from on premises to Google Cloud
  • Development, deployment, and ownership of SMS and Voice infrastructure
  • Deployment and ownership of various Kubernetes environments
  • Deployment and maintenance of the customer portal, including the ability for wholesale customers to whitelabel as their own
  • Architecture of and migration away from various Mono and IIS monolith services in favour of .Net Core microservices in Kubernetes
  • Deployment and administration of CI/CD environments as well as various bespoke scripts
  • Development of software to interface with Certbot and LetsEncrypt to ensure HTTPS for whitelabel customers
  • Development of software to ensure uptime of Kubernetes clusters
  • Development and deployment of reliable monitoring systems to ensure high availability

Reddog Technology

October 2015 – June 2017

Reddog Technology was a start-up focused on a variety of projects; each had their own goals and intended audience. I was hired by Reddog in 2015 to develop Tredly, an open source containerisation software suite for FreeBSD based upon Jails.

Open Source Project: Tredly

Tredly is an open source Bash/Python software suite, developed to support the VUID software platform, which was developed by Reddog Engineers. Tredly is a software suite consisting of various parts, each performing their own specific duties. Tredly makes use of BSD Jails which have been integral to BSD systems for decades, and pre-dates the release of Docker by 13 years.

Tredly is analogous to, but had a number of advantages over Docker at the time of development; such as being built on a secure platform which has been in development for decades, the ability to forward ports via the Tredlyfile, and configuration of a load-balancer/http reverse proxy via the Tredlyfile. Due to the re-use of common Operating System files, Tredly images are also significantly smaller than even Alpine Docker images, as only the files which are specific to the container are necessary inside the image.

Since Tredly is an open source product, I encourage you to peruse the source code on Github.

My roles during development of Tredly included:

  • Research and Development of Tredly suite in both Bash and Python for FreeBSD
  • Implementation of software defined networking
  • Management of the open source community and response to Github issues
  • Liaison with the Reddog founders, VUID developers, and open source community on features required for Tredly
  • Working with the VUID developers for technical support and identifying issues with Tredly
  • Management of Atlassian Stash, Bamboo, and Confluence for all Reddog projects
  • Management of FreeBSD bare metal servers
  • Administration of local Vagrant/Virtualbox development environment

Project: Rulerr

Rulerr was a risk profiling, reporting, and auditing platform focused on large Enterprise/Government. Rulerr integrated with various cloud APIs in order to assess all security risks which are present to the customer.

My roles during development of Rulerr included:

  • Integrating with various APIs (eg Microsoft Graph, Google Gsuite) via Oauth2 and NodeJS and bringing the relevant data into the Rulerr API for assessment
  • Full stack development using NodeJS (Koa) and AngularJS
  • Management of several multi-node Docker Swarms
  • Management of Bitbucket, Shippable CI, and AWS ECS repositories
  • Management of Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure and DigitalOcean
  • Management of NodeJS/loadbalancer containers within Docker swarm
  • Management of Postgres databases
  • Management of tasks via Trello task management
  • Administration of local Vagrant/Virtualbox development environment

Employment History

For brevity, my three most recent roles have been included in this document. If you wish to inquire on my previous history, please contact us.

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