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With decades of experience in the telecommunications, networking, and software sectors, we offer a broad range of IT services.

From DevSecOps automation to carrier-grade voice consulting, our services are tailored to achieve optimal outcomes in the most efficient manner, powering your business forward.

Carrier Grade Voice

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and maintain carrier grade voice systems utilising open source software solutions. Our deep understanding of the SIP and RTP protocols enable us to provide premium VoIP support and solutions.


Take control of your development and security operations by building in security scans to your GitOps CI/CD pipeline design, and increase your visibility over your systems behaviour through our extensive monitoring knowledge.


From greenfield on-premises to managed cloud deployments, we are well versed with the challenges and nuances of Kubernetes. We have years of experience in deploying and managing Kubernetes in a highly available and low cost manner.

Systems and Network Engineering

Systems and Network architecture are at the core of every information system. Our expert knowledge of systems & network design will minimise downtime for your end users.

Cloud Design and Deployments

Automate your cloud deployments and gain the tools to maintain and monitor your cloud expenditure. Whether your project is greenfields or existing, on-premises or cloud; we provide the expertise required for your cloud project.

Team Management & Leadership

With extensive experience in recruiting and managing highly accomplished staff, we have the skills and experience to help you to create and manage your IT teams.

Laurentum's capabilities

Build and optimise your cloud application

With our expert team, your cloud application is in good hands.

Whether your goal is to build new, optimise an existing deployment, or cost minimisation, our team will provide expert advice at every step of your journey.

We're cloud experts

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Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform

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